Are you ready to shine your light?

Do you feel like you are missing the memory making moments of your life? Are you tired and feeling a little lost? Are you yearning to rediscover your feminine strength and potential?

In this utter state of exhaustion, it is impossible to be mindful, present or fully-engaged with your loved ones. It is a sad reality for many women and it's time for a change.

Women have an enormous capacity to continue to funtion, but ultimately miss out on the amazing experiences happening around them. 

Children grow up.

Marriages grow apart.

Parents age. 

Life passes by and there is nothing more important than time.

We truly get it and are here to support you. You are not alone. 

After 20 years of practicing medicine and helping women become their best, I'm ready to lead the way to a better world for our daughters, sisters, mothers, friends, and especially for ourselves as powerful women.

In connection & community with other powerful women

Live Your Best Life

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There has never been a time when women are more ready to awaken to their true potential. Women are sensing a deep yearning to find personal and professional fulfilment and live life according their own rules. We know people are counting on us and we have realized that our own health, vitatlity and well-being is of utmost importance if we are to continue nurturing others. We MUST maintain our own physical, emotional, and spiritual health or we cannot expect to support our loved ones. In order to be the best spouse, lover, mother, daughter, and friend, it's essential to find the support you need to look after YOU.

We are an inclusive, cohesive community of women ready to step into health & vitality by pursuing overall wellness in our own lives. We strive to create a Women's Circle that provides foundational support for other women to do the same. Our EWC Leaders provide guidance, mentorship, and loving support of women stepping into power. We welcome you! 

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Strengthen your Body. Elevate your Mind. Nurture your Soul.

Explore how your life could be different with the Empowered Women's Circle at your side

The world is moving faster than ever with access

to technology and modern advances, and expectations

placed on us grow heavier by the day. Such advances

can be a gift or a curse, depending on how we

allow them to impact our life.​​​​​​​ Let the Empowered

Women's Circle navigate you to a healthier body, mind,

and soul. Create a free account to access weekly

wellness sessions, sister circles, mentorship and other

programs designed to support ​​​​​​​you on your journey.

Peace, joy, balance, and longevity ARE possible for you.

History confirms that women have always functioned

more productively within cohesive cultures and with

the support of their fellow female villagers. A woman's

strength is magnified inside a supportive community

that holds them up, creates space for them, and

surronds them in acceptance and love. Women have

always and will always shine brighter when reflecting

the light of other women.

Explore how your life could be different with the Empowered Women's Circle at your side

How can The Empowered Women's Circle change my life?​​​​​​​

A women's strength is magnified inside a supportive community that holds them up, creates space for them and surrounds them in acceptance and love.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​


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The Empowered Women's Circle creates a space for women from around the world to support and shine their lights on each other.

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